Adventure to NaNoWriMo Land

Adventure to NaNoWriMo Land

Those of us who have embarked on this insane voyage are well on our way to NaNoWriMo Land.

We set sail with a story in our hearts and the dream of finishing a novel in 30 days. Some of us prepared for the journey: we created outlines, character sketches, and plot points. Some of us just dove into the ocean of imagination with the hope that a burning idea would keep us afloat. But we began. A lot of us are still on this adventure.

For me, there have been a few dangerous encounters along the way including a ginormous Kraken (my own fear) that threatened to topple this little raft of a story I’ve created. But I fought it valiantly by perservering. Then there was the perfect storm last week. I had tons of paid work, kids’ school activities, no food in the house, and exhaustion. Would my little raft make it? Word by word, I kept writing. Even if it was for 20 minutes or less. The clouds parted and my story sailed along.

The little group I formed on Facebook has been sailing along too. We encourage each other. Celebrate our victories and keep pressing on. Writing may be a solitary journey, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. There is something about having a person (or a group) you trust to be your accountability partner(s) that brings you back to your keyboard (or pen/pencil).

Whether you are doing NaNoWriMo or not, in what other parts of your life have you shown persistence and tenacity? Is there a way that you can bring those qualities to your writing? I bet you can.

As for me, the adventure continues…

By the way if you haven’t heard, I’ve put together an informative webcast that’s coming up in December. My two guests–one self-published author and one traditionally published author–will talk about their experiences: the good, bad, and ugly. Many of you have asked which publishing option is the right one for you. Attend the webcast and you’re sure to find your answer


  • http://mommamiameaculpa.com/ meleahrebeccah

    “Word by word, I kept writing. Even if it was for 20 minutes or less. The clouds parted and my story sailed along.” That is awesome, Dana!

    • http://www.danaleipold.com/ Dana Leipold

      Thanks Meleah! Just keep writing…just keep writing. ;-)

      • http://mommamiameaculpa.com/ meleahrebeccah


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