Idea Fizzle and What To Do About It

Idea Fizzle and What To Do About It

Okay, so you’ve got this great idea for a book, a blog post, or a short story. You’re super excited about it. You tell all your friends and family, and they even think it’s a great idea. You think about it all the time. Then you sit down to actually write about it and…nothing.

What just happened?

First, don’t worry. It happens to all of us. I call this phenomenon “idea fizzle” and there are a few things you can do to capture the spark once again and keep it going while you write.

1) Focus on the Excitement

What made you so excited about the idea? Was it the idea itself or the end result? Whatever it was, focus on the excitement of it. Try to imagine the idea as an actual thing, like your finished book, how someone reacts when they read your short story, or people commenting or sharing your blog post. Visualize it in as much detail as possible. This will keep you going when you sit down to write it because you can see it happening as you are doing it.

2) Brainstorm

Maybe the idea wasn’t fully baked. You wouldn’t want to eat a cake that was still raw inside, right? That may be why you lost interest in your idea when you sat down to write about it. Do some brainstorming about your idea on paper. Create a mind map like this one. A mind map is essentially a dumping of everything inside your head related to your idea. Put down what your story, blog post, or book would include down to the last detail.

3) Collaborate

Find someone you can use as a sounding board for your idea. This would be someone who can give you feedback that includes indepth questions and probing about your idea. You want someone who will support your idea, help it grow, and feed your passion for it. This can be another writer, a trusted friend, or even a coach.

Once you’ve tried these tactics, you will either have a fully formed idea you are excited about or you will find your interest in your original idea rekindled. You’ll be ready to sit down and write about it. Remember, ideas come and go but it is only in writing them down, communicating them, and acting on them that the real magic happens.

Do you have any other suggestions for avoiding idea fizzle? What have you tried that has worked for you? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • http://mommamiameaculpa.com/ meleahrebeccah

    Ah yes – this happens to me often. I will have a “great idea” and then it just fizzles out. Thanks for the ideas on how to get back on track. You rock, Dana!

    • http://www.danaleipold.com/ Dana Leipold

      Glad you found them helpful! Thank YOU Meleah!

      • http://mommamiameaculpa.com/ meleahrebeccah


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