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What do unicorns, cockroaches, and Yoda have to do with writing?

May 8, 2014

Now you’re going to make me explain, right? These three things seem to have nothing in common but if you think about it, they each have qualities that can help us in our writing life. C’mon everybody here we go:


This majestic and magical creature is almost every where. Unicorns are definitely the new black. Take for instance this hit song:

Magical, right? When you think about unicorns and what they symbolize, we can learn from this weirdly popular creature. Unicorns represent magic, purity, miracles, and innocence. It is from this place that we begin any writing endeavor. If it weren’t for this alone, no one would ever write. There would be no Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Chronicles of Narnia. Embrace your inner unicorn and remember that whatever you are writing you are a great conjurer of magic. Oh yes.


cockroach-costume-36571Going from uncorns to cockroaches? She must have lost her mind. Actually, I can’t believe I’m writing about cockroaches because I’d rather have all my teeth pulled out with no anesthetic than to be within 100 feet of a cockroach. I have a standing restraining order against every living cockroach on this planet. But this is for the sake of teaching you about what it takes to be writer so here we are. Cockroaches are highly adaptable and are one of the most hardy insects around. We all know the joke about cockroaches surviving a nuclear holocaust…a zombie apocalypse…and Kim Kardashian’s reality TV show. These suckers are persistent. We need to be more like cockroaches as writers. When that committee of twits in our heads are telling us to just forget it and quit or when we’ve just received our 402nd rejection letter from a literary agent, we need to keep on keeping on like the steadfast cockroach. Okay, enough about cockroaches. Ewww.


“Do or do not, there is no try.” No wiser words were ever spoken by a spider monkey, frog, muppet…thing. Not only thatYoda but Yoda also knows that his source of power comes from something greater than his little green, greyish self. It comes from The Force. He allows it to work through him with no attachment to his Ego or to the outcome. He accepts things as they are but knows deep down that everything works out for the best. What writer could not benefit from that kind of perspective? Let’s all be more like Yoda. No matter how daunting our projects seem, we stand firm in our belief that a force greater than ourselves will help us see it through to the end.

So have I convinced you? If not, tell me in the comments! Or if you agree, let me know. I’ve love to hear from you. If you liked this post and think someone else could benefit from its eternal wisdom please share it.

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  1. Technically, you’re not wrong. A little bit of unicorn magic, coupled with the determination of a cockroach and we’re halfway there. It seems that luck or fate is more generous, more favorable to those who already possess these elements.

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