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What’s the Cosmic Lesson Here?

October 11, 2017

A friend just texted me these words:

“We are seriously living in some really surreal and sad times. And yet there is still so much good. It’s so strange.”

Strange, indeed.

All you have to do is turn on the TV or go on the Internet and you’ll be barraged with all the events that may lead to you to think we’re on the road to the final countdown. If it’s not news of some natural disaster then it’s something about the President throwing shade on the leader of North Korea in a larger-than-life version of “mine is bigger than yours.” There’s quite enough evidence to prove that things are bad, and they’re only going to get worse.

At the same time, you scroll around on Facebook and see examples of heroes risking their lives to save someone they don’t even know from rapid gun fire during a horrific mass shooting. Or you’ll read something on how a major airline canceled all their paid-for flights and directed their planes to evacuate those stranded in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. On a smaller scale, if you look around, I mean really take the time to look at your family, friends, neighbors, and community, you’ll see that there are some really great things going on despite all the chaos and calamity.

So, what’s the cosmic lesson here? What is the universe trying to tell us with all these things?

Well, I believe that depends on you and how you choose to view it all. How you maneuver through the good and bad of life is basically your choice. You can rant, complain, and call up all the evidence that we’re on the highway to hell or you can find and spread positivity. You can choose not to get involved in all the injustices of the world or you can become an activist fighting the “good” fight. You can even decide that nothing is good or bad, it just “is.” Whether there is nuclear war or we actively work towards peace is simply the nature of things…no matter how cataclysmic the consequences.

I do believe however, that what we’re experiencing is no different than what generations who survived World War I & II must have felt. I’m sure they all had ample evidence that we were going to destroy ourselves and all life on the planet, and there was also quite a lot of good happening then too. The reality is there are many things way beyond our control, which can be unnerving to most people (me included). But we have complete control over our response to what is going on. We just need to stop and breathe and then decide how we are going to maneuver through the good and bad of life.



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