Climate Change

The Sky is Not Falling

October 24, 2017

There’s no reason for anyone to be alarmed at the recent global weather events because the sky is not falling. Everything is fine. Hurricanes happen all the time. Just because Hurricane Harvey dumped the largest amount of rain ever doesn’t mean anything.

What’s happening is part of the natural cycle on this planet. Like the fires in California, those had nothing to do with climate change. There’s no evidence whatsoever.

Like, don’t think about your affect on the planet because that’s nonsense. Humans have not contributed to the changes in weather or the melting of glaciers because we’re too small and insignificant to have that much influence on mother nature. Burning fossil fuels has had no effect on the ozone layer, or the temperature of the Earth.

Keep on doing what you’re doing. Buy more crap, then throw it all away to make room for more crap. Because crap is what will make you happy and it’s our measure of success. All this stuff isn’t affecting anything on Earth.

We’ll keep making more plastic for you.

There’s nothing to see here. There is no climate change.

Science is just alternative facts. The sky is not falling.

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