Time’s Up

January 8, 2018

Like millions of people who watched Oprah give her acceptance speech at the 2018 Golden Globes, I was riveted.

What’s ironic is the feminine uprising occurring in Hollywood and other places in society while one of the worst chauvinists is “running” the United States of America. Of course, I use the term “running” loosely because he’s barely holding things together via his juvenile tweets in response to anything and everything that doesn’t make him happy.

It reminds me of something I read back in November 2016 on Medium by Martha Beck as the entire sane population was lamenting the possibility of Trump winning the election. Martha was depressed, as we all were, watching the numbers turn to red instead of blue. The morning after it happened, Martha recounted a conversation she had had with Byron Katie, spiritual teacher, speaker, and author, about what would happen to this country if he were to actually win. And here is what Martha wrote:

A few weeks ago I was talking to the spiritual teacher Byron Katie about the election. Although she was a Hillary supporter, she found Donald Trump fascinating — such a caricature of venality.

“Look at everything he’s doing to bring our attention to the power of self-realization,” she said. I responded, “But if he wins…” and Katie said, “Oh, my goodness, can you even IMAGINE the opportunity that will create for us to know ourselves?”


I believe that is happening now. Much like the crumbling of the “wall” in Berlin and the end of the cold war in the 80s, we are witnessing the beginning of the end of patriarchy in this country. It’s actually been happening for some time now, it’s just that the cracks are getting bigger and more visible. Even as a man who is essentially a symbol of the wealthy, male-dominated culture is sitting in the white house, women are speaking up and stepping up to finally take the reins.

I’ve always said that if the men who run large corporations had their heads on right, they’d hire more mothers in top executive positions. They’d get some shit done in less time and with less money than their male counterparts. No one on this planet can accomplish as much as a mother with little resources.

Women bring so much value to leadership roles if only men would stop being so paranoid about their power. Women honestly don’t want all the power. It comes with too many headaches. We just want justice and equity. We want to feel like we are valued for our experience, skills, and ideas just as much as men…and not for our boobs or butts. Now, I’m not saying all women are perfect. Believe me, there are some women who are just as greedy and power-hungry as some of the worst men. But it’s about time for us to step up and show the world that a little more feminine energy could go a long way toward healing the suffering of so many humans.

Oprah may or may not be running for President in 2020, and who cares really? It’s up to each one of us to speak our truths and take action. One woman (or man) cannot undo thousands of years of violence, fear, and greed. It will take all of us: women AND men. But like Oprah said of the power-grubbing men in power positions, “their time is up.”


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