Humor | Mental Health

Why Cake Wrecks Cures My Blue Moods

When I’m down, I’ll try anything to pull myself out of a blue mood…except eat a whole gallon of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (well only sometimes). I sometimes watch funny cat videos or call my BFF. But when we both discovered Cake Wrecks, that is an INSTANT mood booster for both of us. I […]

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The Secret To Yoga Pants

Many of you who follow me may know my affinity for yoga pants…and not just because I practice yoga every day. I LIVE in yoga pants and they are a staple of my wardrobe. I wear them to drop the kids off at school, to the grocery store, when I write, when I edit, when […]

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Humor | Writing

Most Annoying Grammar Fails

Grammar has been popping up everywhere I look lately so it was only fitting that I write a blog post on the topic. Bad grammar is rampant. Writers seem to be the last bastion in the war against erroneous word crimes. So I’m going to rely on Weird Al Yankovic to help me out. And […]

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