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The Indie Author’s Guide to Sanity: 5 Survival Tips

Self and indie publishing is a difficult, time consuming process. Anyone who is a part of BookTrope’s latest hit (myself included) feels that very keenly. BookTrope’s ideas were wonderful, their model ground-breaking. Here’s the thing about indie-publishing, though, it’s a risky heartbreaking business. I’ve been at it for six years and the ups and downs […]

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Lessons Learned | Self Publishing

Risky Business

On Friday, April 29, me and tons of other authors were informed that our publisher, BookTrope, is closing up shop. It’s really a bummer but not that uncommon, really. Publishing has always been a risky business because whether a book is a blockbuster or not is completely out of the control of the agent, publisher, and […]

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Not Even Close to Giving Up

I just realized that in about one year I will turn 50 years-old. Wow. Just. Wow. I have mixed feelings about this, but maybe not the ones you think I should. Like, I’m not worried about losing my good looks because I never really had them in the first place. I’m not worried about losing […]

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