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Risky Business

On Friday, April 29, me and tons of other authors were informed that our publisher, BookTrope, is closing up shop. It’s really a bummer but not that uncommon, really. Publishing has always been a risky business because whether a book is a blockbuster or not is completely out of the control of the agent, publisher, and […]

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Writing for Mental Health: Self-Publishing is No Failure

This week, I’m excited to share a guest post written by fellow Gravity Imprint author, Apryl Pooley. Apryl’s memoir, Fortitude: A PTSD Memoir, was published by Booktrope in September 2015. You can find out more about Apryl at the end of this post, but first: *** Even with predictions that traditional “book publishing as we know it is dying,” traditionally published […]

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Burnt Edges Wins an Award

I’m baaaack! After a long hiatus and many life changes, I’m back in the writing game again. I actually never ever stopedp writing but I did stop blogging. You know, sometimes in life we just need a break. I took some time to be with myself and my family. I’ve got some exciting news too! […]

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Show Me the Money

Work hard and you’ll be successful, right? Well, that’s what everybody says but one thing they don’t mention is exactly how hard you have to work nor do they really define what “successful” means. That’s because it means something different to each one of us. For me, I was hoping to say good-bye to my […]

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