The REAL Secret to Becoming a Writer

I bet if you asked a group of people in a room how many of them want to be writers, nearly 75% or more would raise their hands. Why? Because at some point in their lives a book has impacted the way they see the world and they want to do the same thing. That’s […]

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Get Stupid Poetry for FREE on your Kindle!

For the next five days, I’m offering my book for FREE on your Kindle! Just click here (or on the photo). Here’s what folks have to say about Stupid Poetry: The Ultimate Collection of Sublime and Ridiculous Poems: “Dana Leipold is a ray of sunshine in a grey world! Just read ‘Ode to Gay-ness.’ Or […]

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Sneak Peek #1: Men with Cramps

I am so excited to share with you all a sneak peek at one of the essays in my book,┬áConfessions of a Random Chick: Woman. Wife. Mother. Member of an Insane Society, which will be out in Summer 2013. PLEASE share, comment, or just say hello! MEN WITH CRAMPS Recently I have been blessed with […]

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