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Not Knowing How to Do Something Should Never Stop You

People tell me all the time: “I’d love to write and self publish a book but I don’t know how.” My response is always the same: “I had no clue what I was doing when I self-published my first book.” Then they look at me as if I have some magical powers that they do not possess. And I think to myself, “How sad.”

In this day and age, saying you don’t not know how to do something, and then using that as your excuse, is just a copy out. Why? Two words: Google and YouTube.

You can Google just about anything and you will get a plethura of potential guides and answers to your perplexing questions. For example, if you don’t know how to write a book simply type: “How to Write a Book” into Google.

Here is the first result to that simple search:

How to Write a Book: 10 Ridiculously Simple Tips

Unsure about how to actually publish the book you’ve written? Google to rescue! Here are the first three results:

How to Self Publish a Book (with Pictures)

How to Self Publish a Book through Amazon

How to Self Publish and Sell Your Book

Yet, amazingly enough. I’ve had many coaching clients who have NEVER considered Googling any of these things. Don’t know how to do something? GOOGLE IT! It’s how I learned EVERYTHING I know today about writing, publishing, and building a business as an author. Honestly.

So reading about something is not the best way you learn something. No problem! YouTube has millions of videos that will SHOW you how to do something. If you type: “Formatting an eBook” into the YouTube search you get tons of great video results. Try typing in: “Create a Book Cover” and you’ll see some great videos (but you may want to read this blog post I wrote: How to Create a Book Cover Using Canva).

I learned how to set up my website, set up an automated email newsletter, design a book mark, and make a video book trailer using YouTube.

My point here is don’t let the fact that you don’t know how to do something stop you from doing it. It’s really just an excuse. You have the power at your finger tips to learn ANYTHING! So go out there and just do it.

What have you said, “But I don’t know how to do it” to? And what one thing can you Google or search for on YouTube to learn? Tell me in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

How to: Make a Book Cover Using Canva

I want to show you some of the stuff I’ve learned as a self-published author so I’m going to have a new feature on my blog called “How to.” I’ll walk you through part of the publishing process so you can do it too.

One of the hardest and most important things you’ll do as a self published author is choose a cover for your book. The cover is your most powerful marketing tool because it will either draw in potential readers or repel them. If you get it right, you’re gold but if you don’t well…people will think you’re an amateur and will likely not ever consider it something they’ll want to read.

I’m not going to go into all the things you’ll need to consider for your book cover, like making sure it resonates with your target readers I’m going to instead give you a DIY tutorial. Continue reading


Slumping Through a Slump

I’m going to try and be as transparent and honest here as possible. I’m in a slump. My usually frenetically creative mind has been sluggish and foggy. Perhaps it’s postpartum depression, having finished my first novel but whatever it is, it’s gotten it’s claws into me and I’m trying to break free.

We all get in slumps every now and then. The trick is to not get stuck in it, and realize that it will soon pass. I recently read a blog post on about getting out of a slump: The Surprising Way to Get Out of a Slump. The author suggested that “slumps were the mind’s way of making room for the birth of new ideas.” The remedy is Continue reading

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style_114_yoga_pants-_black_side_Many of you who follow me may know my affinity for yoga pants…and not just because I practice yoga every day. I LIVE in yoga pants and they are a staple of my wardrobe. I wear them to drop the kids off at school, to the grocery store, when I write, when I edit, when I do laundry, even out to dinner!

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Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 9.49.42 AM

What Most Writers Forget About Marketing

It’s not about the slick copy, the gimmicky promotions, the sales or deals, or even viral videos. Good marketing is about building relationships with the people who are going to buy your product. I think the reason most writers and authors forget about it is there are so many tactics, tips, and how-tos out there that we get overwhelmed. The other reason may be that relationships take time, and who has time these days? Continue reading