Most Annoying Grammar Fails

Grammar has been popping up everywhere I look lately so it was only fitting that I write a blog post on the topic. Bad grammar is rampant. Writers seem to be the last bastion in the war against erroneous word crimes. So I’m going to rely on Weird Al Yankovic to help me out. And by the way, if you haven’t seen his ridiculously, hilarious spoof of Blurred Lines yet, take a few moments to watch this: Continue reading


3 Tips for Writing While on a Family Vacation

As I write this, my family and I are sitting in a hotel room. The kids are watching Captain America, the husband is working on his computer, and I’m writing. This is how it goes if you want to do any writing at all while you are on a family vacation. The truth is, we never take vacations because if we’re not writing, we are thinking about it, or taking notes.

So before you drive yourself crazy beating yourself up about taking a whole week, two weeks, or more without doing any writing while you’re on vacation, I’m here to tell you that you can write while on a family vacation.

Here are a few tips that have worked for me: Continue reading


10 Things Super Creative People Do That Most People Don’t

What is it about creative people that makes them so, so…creative? Can creativity be learned or do you just have it or not? I happen to believe that creativity is a muscle we all have but some use it more than others. We all don’t have abs like David Beckham but, we all have abs.

To exercise your creativity muscle, you must first understand how. Here are 10 things super creative people do that most people don’t to build up their super creative strength: Continue reading


This Paragraph Needs a Makeover…STAT!

I sometimes still do freelance work for corporate clients. After all, corporations can make the world a better place with good writing. Every once in a while I will run across a bit of writing that makes me cringe. It’s too complicated, trying too hard to be smart, and full of jargon. What many companies forget is that actual PEOPLE are reading their content. And people respond to simple, clear language they can understand. I don’t care if it’s a CEO, a customer service representative, or even the Emperor of China…EVERYONE will get it much faster if more companies just wrote like people talk! Continue reading