What Makes a Great Character?

WalterWhiteIf you have watched even a second of Breaking Bad, then you know Walter White, aka Heisenberg, is a great character.

What makes him so great? Because we love him and hate him…and we can’t help but watch what he does next.

There are many ingredients that go into a character including all the psychological and demographic stuff to create someone who is realistic but I’m going to talk about the key to every great character: transformation. This means the person you meet in the beginning is not the same person by the end of the story.

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GIVEAWAY: Judge My Book By Its Cover

We all do it. Especially with unknown authors. We decide whether or not we’ll click on the “more information” or that we’ll pick up the book based on its cover.

The cover tells a story about the book itself. It answers these questions for a potential reader:

  • What’s the genre?
  • What’s the feeling of the book?
  • What’s appealing about the book?
  • What’s the essence of the story?

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“In order to write the book you want to

Why Many Writers Give Up

Writing is a transformative endeavor. If you practice it long enough, you will become a different person from just having written. A little piece of your soul gets released with each word, sentence, or paragraph. But it’s not easy. In fact, it is often one of the most difficult things you will ever do…and I’m just talking about getting it out of your head. I’m not even talking about the whole trying to get it read and make money off of doing it. That seems impossible! And this is why many writers give up. Continue reading


The Importance of a Writing Group

Recently, I got to experience serendipity. I was tweeting away on Twitter minding my own business when I came across a few writers who happened to be tweeting about the discipline of writing. I know! One of these writers was developing a virtual writer’s workshop designed to give serious writers professional-level critique. He asked if any of us were interested in participating. Many of us said…um, yeah! Continue reading

Most Annoying Grammar Fails

Grammar has been popping up everywhere I look lately so it was only fitting that I write a blog post on the topic. Bad grammar is rampant. Writers seem to be the last bastion in the war against erroneous word crimes. So I’m going to rely on Weird Al Yankovic to help me out. And by the way, if you haven’t seen his ridiculously, hilarious spoof of Blurred Lines yet, take a few moments to watch this: Continue reading